Gannets in the Scottish Borders

Gannet stuart scott

Gannet (Morus bassanus)

Our largest seabirds in the UK, gannets have a wingspan of up to 6 feet. A stocky white bird, with black wing tips, a strong pale grey beak and buff yellow head, these birds are often seen from rocky headlands in the summer. Their fishing technique is spectacular - plunge divers, they eye their prey from above, before dropping out of the sky and piercing the water like an arrow. They nest in large, noisy colonies on cliffs and islands around our coast through spring and summer, and return to the open seas for the winter.

You can usually spot gannets diving into the sea anywhere along the Berwickshire Coastal Route or from the clifftops  at St Abb's NNR. A spectacular way to view gannets is to take one of the small boats from St Abb's or Eyemouth harbour and watch them close up.


Images courtesy of Stuart Scott Images