Wild Summer

Summer in the Scottish Borders is a time of light and abundance. On the night of a full moon it can feel as though darkness itself has been banished; there is so little time between dusk and dawn. Birds and mammals are busy rearing young, trees and plants send out perfumes and wear their finest colours to attract a multitude of insects to help make their seed.

Long daylight hours and the need to feed young bring many opportunities to spot wildlife in the region. You may see native and visiting birds searching for insects, a stoat teaching her kits to hunt, a mighty osprey swooping down to catch a fish or sea birds hovering over sheer cliffs to feed their hungry brood.

In remote or quiet places adders and common lizards can be found warming themselves in the sun and if you’ve a keen eye you may just spy a baby hare or leveret sitting motionless in the grass (mothers leave them behind for long periods to avoid attracting predators so please leave them where they are if you find one).

On waterways heron, sand martin and oystercatchers are easy to spot as are wagtails, dippers and kingfishers. At dusk and dawn you may catch a glimpse of an otter as you watch long eared, pipistrelle and Daubenton’s bats swooping low over the water in search of insects. In quiet ponds look out for the electric hues of emperor and black darter dragonflies and large red damselflies as they zip about.

Right throughout the summer months the Borders have some stunning displays of wild and cultivated flowers. Look out for showy rhododendrons and scented azaleas in early summer, woods full of bluebells, and water crowfoot trailing beautiful white flowers throughout the waters of the Tweed.

The following spectacles show the Scottish Borders world-class summer offer at its magnificent best:

  • Spectacular displays of azaleas and rhododendrons throughout the entire region - take a scenic drive or visit any historic house or gardens like Dawyck and Kailzie
  • Breeding sea bird colonies at St Abb's National Nature Reserve
  • Ospreys at the Tweed Valley Osprey Project - Glentress and Kailzie
  • Butterflies and Dragonflies at Lindean Loch, Yetholm Loch and Pease Dean Reserve

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Images courtesy of Stuart Scott Images