Roe Deer in the Scottish Borders

Roe Deer /Stuart ScottRoe Deer (Capreolus capreolus)

You are most likely to see Roe deer in the wooded areas of the Scottish Borders or on open moorland if they don't spot you first. A usual sighting is of their rear end as they spot you and scarper away.  

Best place to see them:Roe deer are widespread and common across the region.  Deer have young in June so please keep dogs under close control when exploring woodland trails.  Being chased is highly stressful for both mother and young.

Many of the Wild Seasons list of sites offer great opportunities to see these animals including Glenkinnon Burn, Gordon Community Woodland and Newtown St Boswells Wood.

When is best to see them: Early morning and early evening throughout the year is a great time to look out for these gorgeous animals.


Image courtesy of Stuart Scott Images