Red Squirrel in the Scottish Borders

Red Squirrel/Stuart ScottEurasian Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

The Borders area remains a stronghold for Red Squirrels in Scotland and these playful little animals can be seen across the whole of our region, scurrying up and down trees in search of food. Stripped cones are often seen littering the floors of woodlands across the Borders - a sure sign that they are present.  

One of our rangers managed to count eight Red Squirrels (without feeders) at one time - can you beat that?!

Particularly good sites for viewing Red Squirrels are:

  • Plora Wood - Innerleithen
  • Glentress Forest - Peebles
  • Cauldsheils Loch - Galashiels

Image courtesy of Stuart Scott Images