Brown Hare in the Scottish Borders

Brown Hare Stuart ScottBrown Hare (Lepus europaeus)

Unlike rabbits, Brown Hares do not live in burrows but dig a small depression in the ground called a form. Hares prefer to dig their forms in fields and moorland where long grass helps to camouflage their distinctive coat.

Brown Hares can be distinguished from Mountain Hares by their very long black tipped ears, black tipped tail and reddish coat.

Brown Hares mate from February to September and can produce up to four litters per year.

Brown Hares can be spotted in many locations across the Borders. Any field or hillside slightly off the beaten track could be home to a hare. So choose you spot and sit quietly as a startled hare can run at 45 miles (70 kilometers) per hour!

Image courtesy of Stuart Scott Images