Summer - Key Species

The list below shows you what species are around, or at their best during Summer (Jun - Aug) in the Scottish Borders


Go to the excellent resource at for more information on the above species.


Reptiles & Amphibians

Butterflies and Dragonflies

  • Including Green Hairstreak Butterfly, Common Blue Butterfly, Northern Brown Argus Butterfly, Orange-tip Butterfy. Painted Lady Butterfly, Small Pearl - bordered Fritillary, Wall Brown Butterfly
  • Black Darter Dragonfly, Emporer Dragonfly, Large Red Damselfly


  • Bluebell, Guelder Rose, Herb Robert, Red Campion, Wall Lettuce, Water Crowfoot, Common Rockrose, Giant Bellflower, Sea Kale, Early Marsh Orchid, Coral Root, Juniper

For far more detailed records and information of the fantastic natural range we have here go to and more detailed information on the species we have here can be found elsewhere on the internet or through written media.