Watson Birds Festival 2013

Aug 12, 2013
Watson Birds Festival 2013

The second annual Watson Birds Festival takes place across the Glenkens, Dumfries and Galloway, over the weekend of 20th to 22nd September featuring an exciting mix of arts and wildlife events.

The festival is part of a community project which aims to celebrate the life and work of Donald Watson, ornithologist and bird artist who lived and worked in St John’s Town of Dalry and his son Jeff, and to raise funds for a dedicated centre in the Watsons’ former home.  

This year’s programme includes:

  • a two day photography masterclass with Scotland’s top rated wildlife photographer Laurie Campbell and two local landscape photographers, Morag Paterson and Ted Leeming.
  • two Watson Raptor Prize talks and debates on the subjects of birds and wind farms, and eagles and place names.
  • guided walking trails around Dalry and car and cycling trails around The Glenkens.
  • Music and poetry events, including folk band the Whistlebinkies.
  • and other talks, workshops and exhibitions.   
For further details and a full programme, contact:
Aaron Edgar, Project Officer at CatStrand,
E: aaron@watsonbirds.org T: 01644 420374
Roger Crofts, Project Director
E: roger@watsonbirds.org T: 07803 595267
Or visit www.watsonbirds.org