Wild Friendly Business Initiative

Aug 18, 2013
Wild Friendly Business Initiative

Wild Seasons helps Dumfries & Galloway tourism businesses to become ‘Wild Friendly’.

Through the Wild Seasons initiative tourism businesses in Dumfries & Galloway are receiving advice on how to attract and cater for visitors to the region’s natural sites.  The aim is to help businesses become ‘wild friendly’ by better understanding the market for wildlife visitors, becoming more knowledgeable about the wildlife and wildlife locations in the region, and so able to pass on that information, as well as picking up other tips to make their guests’ holiday that much more enjoyable.

Funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and the EU’s Leader Programme, the advice is being offered through a series of training events as well as one to one sessions during the autumn, led by marketing consultants Bowles Green.  Businesses are also being invited on tours facilitated by local countryside organisations to help them become more familiar with local wildlife sites and what there is to see and do in each.  The businesses involved are expected to have established green credentials, in line with visitor expectations for a nature-based holiday.

Wild Seasons Project Officer, Iain Wilson, said the initiative was intended to develop a solid base of tourism businesses in the region who were geared up to the needs of visitors interested in Dumfries & Galloway’s nature-based and wildlife attractions.  “The countryside and coastline of Dumfries & Galloway is second to none in Scotland”, he said, “and the wildlife viewing is as good, if not better.  Our aim is to make people who like nature-based holidays more aware of the opportunities that exist in the region and of the great welcome they will receive from local businesses when they come.”

For more information contact Iian Wilson or to book a place on event contact Judith Bowles or Steve Green - Tel: 01439 788980 / E-mail: info@bowlesgreen.co.uk